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Dress 3.

In this dress we used two colors with white, purple and pink. It's a long frock and trousers are in pink color and dupatta is in
three colors, white, pink and purple.. At upper side of frock, in bottom of sleeves and in bottom of frock we used white jamaavaar fabric for designing including pink color's lase. This dress can be used for formal and party wear or can also be used for semi-formal..

The price of this dress is Rs 2599.

Black with Red and Green Dress

This dress is in Black color with the combination of Green and Red, looks so stylish and stunning.. I'ts a really different style just because of that the trousers are in plane black cotton and frock is in self golden print cotton fabric but we used for this dress Banarsi dupatta in two colors, cotton and banarsi combination is giving stylish effect and looks beautiful.. It's an A-line long frock, at the bottom of frock and in sleeves three colors, Cream, red and green has been used in this dress.. On the neck red beautiful Banarsi lase has been used..

The price of this dress is Rs 2800.

Dress 1


In this dress we used short silk fabric, trousers and dupatta is in black color and fabric is Georgette..Using collars in black color and upper body design is in red short silk fabric with the combination of black and in this dress frill style has been used for upper the end of the uppper body we used three different lases.. A-line shirt with designed sleeves and without chawks, sleeves are long, in sleeves and at the end of shirt we used the same red fabric which we used priviously in upper body.. In dupatta's border we used same fabric of upper body and a lase. U can see the design we made..

Price of this dress is RS 2450.